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Is Your Company's Website Blacklisted? Some Tips To Get It Back To Normal Again

A company's website will be blacklisted if certain organizations think that your website is unsafe to your visitors. Unfortunately, it is possible for a website to get blacklisted that should not be. To help you, below is more information about blacklisted websites, as well as steps you can take to get your website back to normal again.

Backlisted IP Address

When your website is blacklisted, your IP (Internet Protocol) address is placed on one or more lists by organizations that are fighting spam. An IP address is a number that is on your computer. This number is your address, much like the address of your business. If someone can view information about your website, they can see what the IP address is that is associated with the site.

Once they get the IP address, they place this address on a list of blacklisted or banned IP addresses.

Your email also has the same IP address so if you send out an email to anyone the email will not go through. You will receive an error message, and the recipient of the email will receive nothing.

Take The IP Address Off Blacklist

Fortunately, there are websites that you can go to determine if your IP address is on any of these lists. If your IP address does show up, it likely shows a reason your website is blacklisted.

To get your website removed, you first need to make sure your network does not have any viruses. To do this install a virus software and run a full scan. Also, you need to make sure your website is updated. This is because these updates are generally patches that make it harder for someone to infiltrate your site. All passwords should be strong, which means they should be a mixture of letters, numbers, and symbols, and all routers should be configured, so they are secure.

Once you do all of this, you can then start the process of removing your website. The first thing is the blacklist may allow you to remove your IP address on your own. If you do not follow the above instructions, however, it won't take long for your IP address to appear on the blacklist again.

If you can wait, many websites automatically go off blacklists after a few weeks.

If you do not have experience with any of this, hire a technician. You can also hire an IP blacklist removal company that offers the service of removing websites from these types of lists.