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5 Ways To Encourage Employees To Support Your Business Security

Business security is about more than just adding an alarm to the front door or installing a password on computers. In today's insecure world, information, employees, and customers may all be at risk of harm or even worse.

Having good business security means involving everyone and all aspects of your company. How can you do this? Here are a few ways.

1. Motivate Employees. You are obviously concerned about making your business secure because it protects your investment. But employees and customers without such a personal motivation may not be as interested. Get them interested by relating security issues or measures to their personal safety, their ability to protect their families and the community around them, and how they can translate security to their home lives.

2. Involve People. You may know specific areas of security you want to improve but ask for input from those who use your facility in different ways. Employees may have different concerns and notice different issues than you would. Customers and vendors will also use the site in other ways and have another perspective. Take input from all and make use of it.

3. Invite Testers. Give employees and other business partners a more personal view of your security system by inviting them to help test it. Your security company will train you how to conduct regular tests of alarms, door locks, and notification systems. Get others involved in these tests as well as penetration tests. This will help them see the system at work and give them a larger stake in maintaining it. 

4. Train Users. Installing a security system is only half the battle in keeping the company safe. The other part of the puzzle is helping people use it properly. Hold employee training both upon initial installation and periodically after that. Assign users in different departments to participate in tests and to ensure that everyone in their area has updated codes or keys. 

5. Reward Input. When anyone expresses concerns, asks for a second opinion, or reports questionable activity, be sure that they receive copious praise and thanks. Maintain an open door policy when it comes to concerns. You may want to add staff recognition during all-staff meetings, offer small rewards for reporting issues, and even personally thank employees who follow good security practices. 

Use these few techniques to help get everyone involved in protecting your business and their livelihood. The result will be exponentially better security and happier company users. Contact a company like American Wireless Alarm Inc for more information and assistance.