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How To Use Fast Steering Mirrors For Laser Light Shows

Fast steering mirrors are the gadgets responsible for creating dramatic laser lighting at any rock concert or stage show worthy of Las Vegas. (In a laboratory, the mirrors are used to deflect lasers in a specific direction.) If you would like to create such a light show, there are a few extra items you will need, besides the mirrors.

A Computer with the Correct Software

Steering mirrors cannot and do not function without computer assistance. All of the mirrors, the directions they are aimed, and the directions they change to shift laser light elsewhere are all controlled by the software programs that either accompany the mirrors or you can purchase separately. If you want to pull off a flawless laser light show, you will need to become familiar with the software and how it controls and manipulates the mirrors.

An Understanding of Laser Reflection vs. Deflection

A lot of people get these two words and actions confused. To get the desired results in your laser show, you have to know how to reflect and deflect laser light. Laser reflection can either absorb light or cause some of the laser's beam to bounce off at an angle.

Deflection will cause the laser beam to bounce straight back unless you have a rapidly moving steering mirror breaking the beam's path. Then the laser will first deflect off of the first mirror, and reflect off of the rapidly moving second mirror at an angle in the opposite direction. This is an effective approach to making the laser change course if you have some awkward angles around and through a hallway or room and need the laser to go in a certain direction.

LOTS of the Proper Wiring and Cables

Since all of the fast steering mirrors will need to be connected to the computer or computers that control them, you will need lots of the proper wiring and cables to connect them. If this whole laser show scene is new to you, you are going to need an electrician and an IT specialist to wire and connect everything. You can place your fast steering mirrors where you want them.

Then the experts can wire and cable them up for you. You will then have to perform a few tests, preferably at night, to make sure things are working the way you want and need them to. If it is not working correctly, you can adjust your mirrors manually, or with the software. To learn more, contact a company like nPoint