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3 Ways That Computerized Maintenance Management System Software Can Help Your Business

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is something that every business with multiple and complex equipment and technological systems should use. A good CMMS package has several functions that support your company's technology. The following are just a few of these functions and how it will help your business.

1. A database keeps track of maintenance

Depending on how robust your technology is, the maintenance of each piece of equipment can be a Herculean task. CMMS software contains a database function that allows you to enter all of the maintenance required for each piece of equipment you are using, along with the time intervals that the maintenance needs to be done. Reports can be run periodically, so the employees responsible for equipment maintenance will know exactly what maintenance needs to be done, and the day it should be done.

Having this information in an organized manner will keep your equipment maintained and running in peak condition. This reduces the likelihood of your equipment breaking down, so you save money on unnecessary repairs. Also, you will avoid the cost of your production shutting down for these repairs.

2. It keeps track of your spare parts inventory

Not having the necessary spare parts when a piece of important equipment breaks down, can be a costly mistake. Even if your maintenance people troubleshoot the problem quickly and are ready to make the repair, if the right spare parts are not in inventory, your production will not be back up and running promptly. A CMMS program can keep track of your entire inventory of spare parts, including how often they are used. When your inventory reaches a predetermined level, purchase orders can be generated, so new parts arrive before you run out. This avoids a shutdown in production, which is usually costly.

3. It eliminates a lot of paperwork

There can be a lot of paperwork generated to maintain your equipment, but with a CMMS program, most of the paperwork is eliminated. You may want to generate work orders for your employees, but even this can be eliminated. Some CMMS programs can be linked to your WiFi system, so employees responsible for maintenance can simply use a smartphone to look at the work orders and sort them by priority.

CMMS software can save your business money by maintaining your equipment and the productivity of your workforce. Over time, you will save money on repairs to your equipment, especially the equipment most critical to productivity. Your production will have fewer shutdowns, and by having the proper spare parts in inventory, there is less of a time delay in getting the equipment back up and running.