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Time To Upgrade Your EPM System? Why You Need To Transition To The Cloud

If it's time to start upgrading your EPM software, you need to move beyond premises-based programs and join the companies that have made the transition to cloud-based programs. With companies getting larger, and networks expanding globally, it just makes sense to move beyond the limitations of an on-site EPM program. If you're still not sold on the idea of a cloud-bas

Looking Into IP Phone Systems For Your Business? What To Know

If all of your current staff members are currently using their own cell phones for their business needs, or if they have business phones and the costs are just too high, it's time to look into getting an IP phone account. The employees can use their computers to make and receive phone calls, and their personal phones can be for their own personal use. You don't have t

3 Ways That Computerized Maintenance Management System Software Can Help Your Business

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software is something that every business with multiple and complex equipment and technological systems should use. A good CMMS package has several functions that support your company's technology. The following are just a few of these functions and how it will help your business. 1. A database keeps track of maintenan

How Investing In Financial Conversational AI Could Help Transform Your Life

The investment industry is one that can be challenging to understand. There are many people who are already high-invested in it and skilled at keeping out new investors like you. However, the new nature of conversational AI in the banking industry could make it easier for you to break into the market. The Nature Of Conversational AI Conversational AI is what Alexa an

How To Use Fast Steering Mirrors For Laser Light Shows

Fast steering mirrors are the gadgets responsible for creating dramatic laser lighting at any rock concert or stage show worthy of Las Vegas. (In a laboratory, the mirrors are used to deflect lasers in a specific direction.) If you would like to create such a light show, there are a few extra items you will need, besides the mirrors. A Computer with the Correct Softwa